My Friend Lenny

Susan opened her eyes and looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. Last night had been mad, with lots of drinking and pill popping and she wasn’t sure who she’d ended up with. Someone from the yacht for sure; she knew that much. The sheikh had paid for the most exclusive London escorts to be available to everyone on the cruise and she hoped that included going home with them because she was pretty sure she was in someone’s crib.
A pair of hair legs walked into the room and she followed them up to the face.
“Lenny!” she cried, recognizing the man, “What are you doing here?”
“You left with me last night, don’t you remember?”
“You were on the boat?” she asked completely puzzled, she didn’t recall seeing him.
“Yeah, I was.”
She looked down at herself, realizing she was naked.
“What happened?”
Lenny shrugged, “Well there were two guys competing pretty hard for your attention. I could see that you were bored by it so I came over and rescued you. We had some drinks and you told me your evening was paid for anyway so why didn’t you and I take off. I said hell yeah and here we are.”
“Oh,” Susan said with a grimace. She usually tried to keep a clear mind when she was working.
“Don’t worry; we didn’t do much except kiss.”
She looked down at her naked body then back at him. He was only wearing boxers.
“Okay we kissed naked,” he said with a grin.
“Swear on my boxers,” Lenny said making her laugh.
“Why didn’t we do more?” Susan asked, leaning back and letting the blanket fall to her waist.
“We were pretty wasted.”
“I feel okay now though,” she said.
“Oh, do you?”
“And like I said, the night was paid for.”
Lenny began to chub up in his boxers, “You did say that.”
“So?” You wanna do it?”
“Are you sure?” Lenny asked dropping his coffee cup on the table and wriggling out of his shorts.
Susan just flung the blankets off, leaving her lying on the bed, naked and ready.
“Mmm, I am so glad I decided to go to that yacht party.”
“Yeah, I’m glad you decided to go too. Now come here and show me what you’re working with.”
“Your wish is my command,” Lenny said.