Category: Erotic Stories

Club Verge

She was slim, with an excellent figure that was almost familiar. Her body was immaculately adorned with a red crêpe; her red mask was adorned with peacock feathers, giving her a sense of ethereal beauty. Her silhouette stood out amongst the mix of bodies engaging in natural pleasure.

My Friend Lenny

Susan opened her eyes and looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. Last night had been mad, with lots of drinking and pill popping and she wasn’t sure who she’d ended up with. Someone from the yacht for sure; she knew that much. The sheikh had paid for the most exclusive London escorts to be available ….  Read More

I Drove All Night

Carrie was awoken by the ringing of her phone. She was tempted to ignore it; at this time of night it could only be either the escorts agency calling or something awful had happened to someone dear to her. Instead, she sighed and picked up. “Where’s the fire?” she said. “In Oxford. Don’t suppose you’re ….  Read More