Club Verge

Ted fiddled with the silver-plated card as he pulled up at the gates. It was an invitation to a private club he had gotten from his co-worker. His life lacked excitement, and he had made this known to this friend of his, who spoke of a club where he could find that spark that was missing in his life at the moment.

Giving his wife the excuse of an impromptu business trip, he had set out to get the ‘excitement’ his friend suggested. Getting there, he figured, going by the surroundings he saw, that Club Verge was pretty high-class and that he would be in for some exquisite dining, high-society partying, and, maybe, some sexual excitement. But he could never have imagined in his wildest thoughts what awaited him in the stately building.

The building was beautified by gardens, tall, solitarily standing pillars with sculptures on each, and tangled strands of an ancient oak. Each view was more beautiful than the next, and the whole was a symphony of light, form, and shadow.

Within the club’s building was a large hall with marble stairs leading up to hallways with different rooms. The hall was set with cushioned lush carpets and, in several parts, hung with faded and obscure paintings.

But as awe-inspiring as the structure was, what he saw within it amazed him the most.

The lighting was dim; there were low-burning candles fitted on lush candleholders and mirrors; the mirrors picked the lights of the flames and increased them a hundredfold. In the dim candlelight, bodies moved about. There was a sense of harmony between the figures he saw. These were humans in their most natural form. Everyone was in a state of bliss. The images were imprinted into his mind.

An orgy.

A large burly man was lying on a carpet, eating out a lady’s cunt, while, at the same time, plowing into another lady, who bounced wildly on his cock. He held the latter’s thighs in position, rising and falling with thrusts so powerful that her legs shook. The two women were moaning into each other’s mouths, making out fiercely; their tongues darted in, out, and around each other’s mouths as pleasure wracked their bodies.

A masked blonde sat on a brunette’s face. The blonde squealed as her partner caressed her spot with her slithering tongue, her face contorted in an expression of pure bliss.

A woman with a strap-on dildo, and a whip in hand, was fucking another masked woman in the ass, whipping her butt simultaneously. 

An olive-skinned man had a lady pinned to a wall while another lady watched on, propped up against an adjacent wall, fingering herself feverishly. The man moved forth and back rapidly, and the woman who was pinned spread out her fingers and pressed down urgently on the man’s back, curling into claws to rake his skin, her knees spreading wide as she pulled him into her.

The sudden urge to masturbate took Ted entirely by surprise. Since he got married, there’d been no excitement, just the same routine daily. That was why he came to this place, to try to rekindle that spark that was missing.

Yes, this would do it for him.

He took a mask from a rack nearby and blended into the crowd, looking to join in the sexual ritual, the aura of which had consumed everyone around him. His hand caressed a soft skin or two.

Then he laid his eyes on her.

She was slim, with an excellent figure that was almost familiar. Her body was immaculately adorned with a red crêpe; her red mask was adorned with peacock feathers, giving her a sense of ethereal beauty. Her silhouette stood out amongst the mix of bodies engaging in natural pleasure. Something about this stranger felt familiar, and he was naturally drawn to her.

He walked up to her and touched her cheeks lightly. She gave no resistance. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to him. His lips touched hers in a gentle kiss. The kiss deepened, and he slid his arms around her back, pressing her against him. He tightened his grip around her waist, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

His left hand rose to fondle her breasts, the warm softness feeling familiar, like he’d touched them a hundred times before. But he was too aroused to take notice. The other hand slid down across the small of her back over her ass, and he squeezed her so hard that she gasped. He kissed her and bent her back, keeping her hips pressed to his. Gathering up her dress, he lifted it over her ass.

He found nothing underneath.

Ted grabbed her soft butt cheeks in his hands, sinking his fingers into her flesh. One finger slid down her crack and probed at her asshole.

They lay down on the soft ground, mixing with the writhing bodies. His fingers slid between her pussy lips, finding the eager bud of her clitoris. His big cock nudged at her opening, looking for access to her dripping cunt. His hands went to her hips, and he grabbed the crests of her hip bones and pushed them forwards. He tightened his grip on her hips and pulled her back, thrusting forwards and impaling her on his cock, flattening her buttocks against his hard stomach. Their grunts and moans mixed in with the rest.

A woman was moaning quite close to him, in a state of ecstasy. In his own bliss and seized by an uncontrollable urge, he kissed her, darting his tongue into her while still moving back and forth into his partner. Breaking off from the steamy kiss, he found his partner sucking another man’s cock. The sight aroused him. He could feel himself throbbing inside her. He was close.

He increased his grip on her hips and began to fuck her, slamming into her as the knobby shaft of his cock bumped over her flesh. He fucked her like she belonged to him, hips moving at incredible speed. He fell on top of her, cradling her in his hands, and his ass began to rise and fall, thrusting his cock into her with all his energy. Soon, he climaxed, sending loads of cum into her pussy.

He collapsed into her warm embrace, her breasts a cushion for him. They were covered in sweat and exhausted from the intense sex.

Ted returned home early the next day. His wife welcomed him warmly, and her face shone with glee. He turned on the television, smiling broadly as he recalled the events of the night before. His thought drifted to the masked woman, and his cock throbbed.

When he glanced at his wife, he noticed something different. The content smile on her face was just as wide as his.