I Drove All Night

Carrie was awoken by the ringing of her phone. She was tempted to ignore it; at this time of night it could only be either the escorts agency calling or something awful had happened to someone dear to her. Instead, she sighed and picked up.
“Where’s the fire?” she said.
“In Oxford. Don’t suppose you’re in the mood to make a bag for a few hours work.”
“What do I have to do?” she asked suspiciously.
“Nothing out there. Just go see a broad for a good time.”
“In Oxford?”
“What’s the catch?”
“The catch is you need to go now.”
Carrie peered at the clock by her bed. It was 3am…the witching hour.
“And this is on the up and up?” she asked.
“She’s a good dame. You know we wouldn’t just farm you out to anyone. She’s okay.”
“Fine. I’m trusting that I’m not going to get murdered.”
“Nothing that exciting love. Promise.”
“Okay, is she sending a car for me?”
“It’s en route to you as we speak. Wear something nice.”
Carrie rolled her eyes and got up. As if she needed advice on how to appear to the client…she was a professional!

She was taken to a posh looking apartment in Oxford where an older woman was waiting, drink in hand.
“I apologize for the late call,” she said, her voice gravely like she was a serious smoker.
“That’s alright. What can I do for you tonight?” she asked as she clinked glasses with her host.
“I…have had an epiphany,” she hesitated, glancing shyly at Carrie, “I think I may be gay.”
“Oh. And you want to…test drive so to speak?”
She nodded with relief that Carrie had understood her so quickly, “Yes, I would.”
“Alright,” Carrie said putting her drink down, “First things first. We should kiss.”
The woman nodded, approaching Carrie slowly like she expected her to bolt.
“What should I call you?” Carrie asked.
“Samantha will do.”
“Okay Samantha, I’m going to kiss you now.”
Carried leaned in, cupping Samantha’s cheeks in her hands as she gently tasted her lips, running her tongue along the bottom lip before breaching her mouth and sucking gently. Samantha let her lead for a while before surging upward and taking charge.
‘Oh yes, just like that,’ Carrie thought as Samantha went at her like a starving animal.