Sex worker of the year: Mandy Turnbull, former stylist, 56

Mandy Turnbull, St Tropez sex worker

Sex workers from Romania are the most popular sex workers in the north London suburb of Brent, according to new statistics.

Although there are a plethora of international sex workers in the London borough of Brent, only seven Romanian prostitutes had a client base in Brent last year.

To mark World Aids Day, Embeya Project in South East London – which represents sex workers – analysed the public data and statistics from both Foodykin’s Banking Group and Bostongirls stores across Britain.

Milly Lester, a Romanian sex worker, told, ‘Rumanian girl escorts are the sex workers of Brent. If I were to ask who comes from the neighbourhood that I serve, everybody will say Romanian girls.

‘They come from Belgium and Holland, places around where we come from. The main hubs are Belgians and Dutch girls.’

Gemma Ashley, of the charity, said, ‘We’ve been in regular contact with London escorts in Brent over the last year and I couldn’t be more pleased with how easily they have embraced our work with them.’

Milly, of the charity, said, ‘The researchers at Embeya Project have been involved with sex workers in Brent for five years now and the statistics released today by Foodykins’s Banking Group and Bostongirls are incredibly valuable. The information from this report helps us protect our clients and ensure that clients are treated fairly, giving sex workers in London the power to make decisions. ‘